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J Christian discovered his passion for the industry as a teenager in Queens, NY. His mother had recently immigrated from Denmark, and the Italian blood from his father's family boasted a long line of hairdressers, barbers, and salon owners.

The event that sparked his lifelong career came when as a young teenager, his uncle invited him to experience the International Beauty Show at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, NYC. From there he successfully graduated from the Michael Anthony Cosmetology School of New York.

Early in his career, J Christian worked as an educator with Artie Miller for Matrix and also a short stint at Nexxus. Wanting a much broader experience, and after meeting Michael O' Rourke of Sexy Hair, J Christian knew he wanted to work alongside one of the best in the business and eventually became an International Platform Artist and Master Educator for Sexy Hair. He is the recipient of Sexy Hair's highest honor of Exceptional Artist of the Year 2010.

J Christian launched "Fear the Shear" in July 2014. The goal of this professional organization is to restore the power of the professional back to the industry. Fear the Shear focuses on manufacturer-independent education, business consulting, restoration, as well as advocacy.

Through his salon, J Christian Studio in Hockessin, DE, he works daily to advance the professionalism of the industry through the salon's philanthropic mission, stage shows, and development of his staff professionally and entrepreneurially.

Most recently J Christian was honored to be nominated a Hair Icon by Alan Benefield Bush's The Method Alliance. His articles are published quarterly in the County Women's Journal, and he continues as a freelance platform educator, working on behalf of Rock Your Hair (CA), Tron Viet (Denmark), Coiffance (Paris), Artego (Italy), and Victory Shears (USA).

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