SilverStone™ | VS245T

SilverStone™ | VS245T


Use this shear anywhere you have used a thinning shear before and get amazing results!  Whether over the fingers, over the comb, on your sides for a taper, or used to point-cut, it is the most perfect multi-tooth texturizing shear there is. Use it to remove weight lines and you'll never put it down. 

Our unique process to turn this premium Japanese steel into our proprietary SilverStone™ alloy is what sets this shear apart from its imitators. You'll be using this shear long after the pretenders have been cast back into the drawer.

As part of our SilverStone™ Series of texturizing shears, you'll continue to feel the sharpness of this blade longer than with any other metal available. 


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