SilverStone™ | VS101-60S

SilverStone™ | VS101-60S


Treat yourself to the most premium haircutting experience possible with the Victory Original SilverStone™ stainless alloy.  Whether you cut wet, dry, or both, this shear will provide you with the comfort and performance that you deserve for a lifetime. The feel of using this shear has been described as the most pure sensation that a stylist can experience. The curved blade and the dense, luxurious steel fits into your hand in a way that is unrivaled. Point cutting and slide cutting become one continuous art form. 


The double-swivel is designed to keep your thumb in a neutral position and your wrist relaxed. It is the most powerful upgrade available for shears. Suffer no longer from shoulder, elbow, wrist, or carpal tunnel pain; you owe it to yourself to achieve comfort and longevity with the freedom afforded you by the SilverStone™ Professional Series Double Swivel Shears. 6.0" length.


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